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My Sexy Foot Fetish

Foot Fetish

I had never given much thought to my feet in a sexual way, probably because up until 14 years old, my feet were pretty beat up from dancing ballet en pointe…but they eventually recovered, and I soon learned the joy of the pedicure or the simple pleasure of painting my toenails.
Then came the shoes!!! There is no denying the overt sexiness of a beautiful pair of high heels…the phallic stillhetto. I had a pair of black, leather, high heel, thigh-high boots I bought in SoHo, London when I was 17 that literally dropped the jaws of men and women alike every time I wore them! Still, I really didn’t really think of my feet as a sexual organ…yet!
Then about 3 years ago I met Paul, the photoghapher. At first I noticed that he loved to give me foot massages when we were just hanging out, and also enjoyed giving me some bad ass shoes that he sometime scored from his photo shoots. It wasn’t long before we were having sex and kissing my tits, stomach, and brushing over my pussy, he moved his way down to my feet.
He started kissing them, and soon he was giving each of my long, skinny toes its own mini blow-job. Before I knew it, my back was arched straight back, I was moaning, and my pussy was dripping wet. After that, I could never sit across from him in a resteraunt without slipping off a heel and slipping my foot onto his crotch, and feeling his cock immediately get rock hard under my foot.
Paul evntually ended up moving to Bruseels or Belgium or something for work, but I still have a few pairs of the shoes, and get a certain tingle when I slip them on. And one thing is certain, foot fetish…totally get it now!

Call me and tell me what you would like to do to my feet!

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