Bubble Bath Time!!!

So I worked my ass off (or on…lol) at the gym yesterday, to make up for the utter and total debauchery of the weekend…I mean every muscle in my body was aching. It was so bad, I had to sit down for a bit just to muster up the energy to take a shower! Just then, he called. Soon as I knew it was him my pussy started getting wet. It wasn’t a hot minute before my gym clothes fell off, and since I can’t bring the phone in the shower, I brought the phone into the bathroom and filled up the tub with steaming hot water, and added bubble bath. I stepped tentatively into the hot water. I should’ve made it a little cooler, as I had to suspend myself in the bubbles before slowly lowering down into the luscious, hot water. I swirled it around distributing the bubbles. As I dipped a washcloth into the water, I imagined I held it out for him.

He knelt by the tub with the invitation, gently taking the washcloth cloth from my sudsy hand. Warm water trickled down my body, and before I knew it I felt a current rush past my bare ass as he climbed in behind me. I leaned back and I could feel his breath caressing my wet back as he slid down behind me into the water and bubbles. He reaches around and gropes my tits, still concealed nicely by bubbles, squeezing my nipples, already tingling with desire. He proceeded to run his finger tips down my soapy tummy, and he pulled my hips down to his hard cock. By this time, under the deep water and bubbles, there was a deep hot tingling seething up from between my legs. Working his hands downward below the water line, he swooshed the water current against my and swollen lips. I catch my legs spreading wider and my bottom lifting off the tub floor just before my shaved glory breaks completely out of the bubbly water layer. Then he pulls me hard back into the soapy water, my nipples justting out of the below the bubble covering, he grabs the wet hair dripping down my back, and nibbles at my neck, as he rubs the hot wash cloth acrosses my hard nipples, slowly circling around each one, making each nipple throb with pulsing desire. I can tell he wants to be in me by the persistant poking of his thick cock into my back, but he is enjoying teasing me way to much. He is delighting in my quivering at his fingertips gliding along my slippery skin, pulling of my nipples , and making my back arch and my sore ass press hard against his throbbing cock.

I let out an involuntary, ‘Ummm,’ as I force myself to roll away from him, turning onto my stomach, lifting my firm ass slightly up and out of the bath, bubbles no longer concealing much. I feel the rough, hot wash cloth between legs…opening my lips slightly with an arousing tug. I’ve managed to spread my legs much further than I would’ve thought possible inside the confines of the tub, although I have lifted up almost completely onto my hands and knees, my entire body somewhere during this time emerging out of the water. I’m all there for him to see and appreciate. His fingers and the wash rubbing my swollen folds, throbbing clitoris, and tingling ass. In a move that surprises me, I reach my hand back across the top of my hip, taking his hand; the wash cloth comes loose in the water. My hand covering his, I push it up through my spread legs and slowly drag us across all my luscious, wet needs. His fingers parting my lips, a slow trip across my pounding opening, fingertips glide in slightly. A slower drag out of nearly being in me, I tense as I keep pulling him along. The same slow trip across my ass opening, and again, the tip of his finger goes in, as his other fingers explore my dripping wet pussy. My breath hitches as a flood of buffeting contractions begged to be realeased into an orgasmic wave. Back arched, my hand has to plant back down to keep me from falling forward with the shear force of my involuntary pelvic thrusts.

Just as I was about to cum, he managed to roll me back over onto my back, and he thrust his thick cock into my well lubed pussy. He was pulling my wet, long hair with one hand as he grasped my hip with the other and I felt his thickness completely filling my pussy. His hand grasped my hip bone and pulled my ass, still sore from my work out, hard down onto him, so he could thrust himself even deeper into me. He slid his hands down to my ass cheeks squeezing the sore muscles. Soon I felt his fingers slip into my tight asshole. It was the final straw, my body started convulsving. Just as the longest orgasm ever was about to end, he pulled his cock out of me and squirted his hot cum onto my face and tits, which felt so nice, as the water was cold by this point. By that time I was wet and slippery from all the come and pussy juice that filled the tub, and almost slipped as I stood from the bath.

Just then, as I was about to turn on the shower to rinse off, I remembered that I was actually on the phone! That had been my hands and fingers, and the thick cock was actually my big, black dildo! I smiled my crooked smile as I reveled in the transformation of my sore post-workout body into jelly! What a bath time!

Call me and we can take a bath together!!!

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