Hey Guys (And Girls!), my name is Vivian and I’m so excited to get to meet you!

 Let me start off by saying that I am NOT the sweet innocent girl next door, though some people say I look like it!  I might have grown up around the right families and went to the right schools, but truth is I’m a hardcore fetish freak that can never get enough! Everyone who knows me thinks I’m just some spoiled princess! Little do they know how much I love strap-on and anal play, interracial sex, body worship, nipple fetish, domination and humiliation, and much much more. Whatever you desire, no matter how nasty, chances are I’ve probably already done it, and would love to do it again! The simple fact is, that I’m horny as fuck all day long!  That’s why I retired from my teaching position earlier this month, and started doing phone sex.  Now that I’ve got a taste of how crazy hot it is to play out all your taboo fantasies and roleplays, everytime the phone rings I get wet because I know that we’re going to escape together into your world, where we can whatever you want, NO LIMITS! I get to masturbate all day long! It’s sexual bliss!

 I thrive on control. Control of your desires, your balls, your cock and definitely your orgasms!  I love to play.  And tease.  And deny you.  I want to hear every detail of all your filthy fantasies.  Tell me your most secret desires…what you hide from everyone else, what you beat off to. I am very experienced with getting what I want out of men, and I’m no stranger to control and the various ways to use it.  Whether it is humiliating or playful, it turns me on just to think of having you naked and exposed for me. Maybe I’ll slip on my stockings and a pair of my Jimmy Choo stilettos, and let you suck on the heel like it’s a cock in your mouth. Or if you’re REALLY lucky, maybe I’ll be very nice to you, and feed you, and change your diaper!

 Or, maybe you are the kind of guy that wants to treat me like the slut (let’s face facts 😉 ) that I am! You could watched me get gang-banged, or force me to fill all my holes with big black cock. I could also tell you all the cruel and totally humiliating things my ex-girlfriend does to me whenever she comes over,still!  Boy, are those some stories!

 So if you’re ready to have intelligent and pleasurable escape from reality at any moment’s notice, and if you want a genuine experience with a real connection, call me!  Let me play with you, toy with you, and push all your buttons. Call now! I’m always ready to fuck! So don’t make me wait for your call! Help a girl out on her new horny career path, support the economy, help me come, and most importantly, make all your naughty fantasies come to life!

Can’t wait to talk to you!!!

Call me NOW!



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Birthday: December 1st

Turn Ons: Girlfriend Experience ~ Role-Play ~ Shoe/Foot Fetish ~ BDSM ~ Anal Play ~ Adult Baby ~ Forced Sex ~ Bi-Sexual/Inter-Racial ~ Adventure!

Favorite Foods: Jameson 18 Year Old Master Selection Blended Irish Whiskey ~ Johnnie Walker Black Label Deluxe Blend Scotch Whisky 12 YO ~ Glenlivet …you get the point!

Hobbies: Phone Sex ~ Horse Riding / Jumping ~ Nude Sunbathing/Swimming ~ Reading ~ Writing ~ Shoe Shopping ~ Masturbation!

Available: *** Available by Appointment Whenever You Need!


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